5 Circles of Leadership with Steve Crawley




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5 Circles of Leadership with Steve Crawley

Steve Crawley

BMA Financial Executive Director


Born and raised in South Mississippi, Steve came to the Conway area in 2004.  He is married to his best friend, Daura, and they have four children—Caleb (Lauren), Madelyn, Tymber (Aaron), and Ashlyn. Steve’s educational pursuits are varied (BSBA-Southern Miss (89); MBA-William Carey University (98); MAR-BMA Seminary (08); PHD-Dallas Baptist University (14)). Prior to entering the ministry full-time in 2004, Steve worked in the fields of finance and accounting, his last position being that of corporate controller for Cellu Tissue Holdings, Inc. 


He currently serves as executive director of BMA Financial (previously known as Ministers Resource Services), a department of the Baptist Missionary Association of America, and he is a member of Antioch Baptist Church. 


Steve enjoys working with men in MD5, spending time with his family and friends, yard work, exercise, sports, travel, hiking, and most any activity you can do at the lake!

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Video lesson

Join Steve Crawley as he discusses a Biblical Model of Leadership through the lens of 5 Circles of Leadership

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