Through our partnership with RightNow Media  we're giving free accounts to the pastors we work with, their spouses, and their leadership team/staff. In addition to their broader library, RightNow Media is allowing us to archive our BMA Healthy Church Solutions resources. This is GREAT because it allows a more efficient way for pastors to look at our content and pick based on need. We’ll be continually adding more church and leader resources than we’ve ever had in the past; including more trainings, free assessments, marriage resources, soul care, and family discipleship. We’d love for you to take a look.

Per agreement with RightNow Media, this account access cannot be shared or given away to another church or to your church congregation; only to your leadership and their spouses. This gift can be used by you and your team for a variety of different resources like marriage, finances, Bible Study, staff training, leadership skills, safe children's programming etc. Also please note that not every resource on Right Now Media, or every teaching pastor will line up with our BMA theology, so please view and discern before using, and follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

If you like RightNow Media, your church can receive a sizeable discount for your own RightNow Media church-wide account so you can further equip your church families, resource your small groups/Sunday school, develop new leaders with online resources, or host a conference/event A couple other cool features you get with this free account are: 

  • The RightNow Media App that gives you instant access to the site on the go, 
  • The ability to create a Virtual Watch Party, which is like a Zoom with a link you give to your staff. This allows you to watch content virtually together and then discuss. 

Here is a link you can use and share with your spouse and staff/leadership team so they can have their own free account through BMA Missions: You can also click on the button below to activate your account now.

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