Over time every church begins to have ministries and ministry teams that need attention and maybe tweaking to be more excellent. We all get busy doing what we have always done because its familiar and well...easier. So if you think it is time for a quick check up into some of your church's systems, outreach efforts, leadership trainings, or ministry teams we want to help! We offer resources and tool to help you strengthen, equip, rework, and even rebuild what you have if needed. We have created a free church health assessment to help you see what systems may need some retooling.

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Additional recommended resources...

Small Circle provides a framework and tools via app and print that you can use in your church to create a disciple-making movement with multiplying groups of 2-3. 

Good Soil provides tools for evangelism and discipleship to motivate, train, and resource people in worldview relevant evangelism and discipleship. Their goal is to help people understand, embrace, and firmly hold onto the Gospel.

Through our partnership with RightNow Media  we're giving free accounts to the pastors we work with, their spouses, and their leadership team/staff.